Dog Valentines + Free Printable

Happy Monday everyone!

Since Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, I thought it would be fun to make an easy valentine you can give your dog, your neighbor’s dog or whomever!

I got inspiration for these from Sarah over at Whimsey & Hope. Hers are adorable, so be sure to go check them out!

The valentines I made include five different designs and sayings:
“I woof you”
“Best friends furever”
“Love is a fur letter word”
“Be mine furry valentine”
“I pawsitively adore you”

For these valentines you will need the following:

• Cardstock
• Scissors or X-acto knife
• Snack stick or treat of your choice

You can download and print the valentines here: Dog Valentines
The printable is formatted for a 8.5″ x 11″ sheet of paper.

I highly recommend that you use heavy paper for this project. Regular computer paper will probably tear and will not hold the treats in place.
Also, depending on the diameter of your treat, you may have to cut a little more than what is shown in the pdf. (the two vertical lines on the valentine)

Have fun, and please share pictures if you give your favorite pups these valentines! 🙂



Pet Gift Box: Dog for Dog Limited Edition Box

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Some of you may know that I have a subscription box problem. The problem is not in the boxes themselves, but the fact that I always buy them. I am currently subscribed to Birchbox, Ipsy, Sephora Play! and I have tried Rocksbox, FabfitFun, and Pet Gift Box.

Recently I purchased another box that I thought was worth writing a post about.

Pet Gift Box is selling a limited edition box for half off ($15). Plus they threw in a free T-shirt, and who doesn’t like free add-ons? This girl certainly does!

Another great thing about this particular box was that they teamed up with Dog for Dog which is an organization who for every purchase, gives an item to an animal in need. Now for a fur mama whose dog came from a shelter, this pulls on my heart strings a bit. There is an overabundance of animals in shelters, and every effort to keep them fed helps. In fact, with the purchase of this box, five meals were donated on our behalf to help dogs in rescues and shelters in North America. So not only do you get a bunch of cool stuff for your dog at an amazing deal, you also help feed dogs in need.

Dog for Dog Treats

These are the new treats that Max received. One is a bag of mini Duck treats, which are great for training. It is all natural with no artificial preservatives, wheat or corn. (The bag of treats was opened by my husband prior to taking this photo.) The other treat is a dogsbar which is gluten free and all natural as well. Both treats are made in the USA.

Dog for Dog Toy

The purple ball that came with the box is a stuff-a-ball. I originally thought that the ball closed and then your dog had to figure out a way to break the ball apart and then they would be able to get to the treats in the middle. Well, I was wrong. The ball has a gap in it, so treats can fall out while your dog is playing with it. I actually had Max try this one out today and he loved it. One tip I would give with toys like this is to pick a medium to large treat to make it a little more challenging for your dog. If you pick too small of a treat, then it will slip through the crack too easily and your dog will be amused for a whopping two whole minutes.

Dog for Dog Crinkle Paw

The next toy up is the crinkle paw toy. These toys are funny to me because honestly, they are just like baby toys. They crinkle when you rub them or move them around. It’s a different texture than a plush or rubber toy, but Max still manages to go through these toys super fast. I would suggest these types of toys for puppies.

Maximus PetGiftBox

The blue plush puppy that came in the box Max destroyed within minutes. Max loves all plush toys- a little too much. He may be a smaller sized dog, but Max is an extreme chewer. Right after this photo was taken Max ripped a leg off and stuffing was everywhere. I’m sure most of you can relate.

Overall, I would say that I am pretty happy with the box, and I don’t think Max had any complaints either. If you would like to purchase a similar box to this and support Dog for Dog you can click here.

Do you also have a subscription box addiction? Do you have a favorite pet subscription box?


I purchased this box and 100% of this post is my honest opinion.