Disney Inspired Tees + Accessories

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Hi everyone!

I thought it would be fun to share some Disney-inspired pieces that I have found on Jane.com!

The thing that I love about Jane, is that you can find some really cute and unique pieces at a fraction of the cost! The only catch is that the sales don’t last long, so once you see something that you like, you have to grab it!

Below are some pieces that I found that would be perfect for your Disney vacation or just to have and wear on the regular! 🙂

DIY Graphic Tees

This post contains affiliate links. For more information, visit my disclosures and policies page. I purchased these products and this post contains my honest opinion.


This past weekend my girlfriends and I made some graphic t-shirts together. In the evenings throughout the week, we have been working out together, so our plan was to have a little hang-out and make cute workout tanks.
We took to Pinterest for inspiration on sayings, and various ways to cut our shirts. Cutting the shirts seemed a little too crazy for me, so I decided to stick to the basic muscle tanks. By the time I was done with our mini project, I had made two muscle tanks, three off the shoulder sweatshirts, and the cute graphic tee I am wearing in the above photo.

I wasn’t originally planning on making a blog post out of this but it’s too easy not to share! Anyone can tackle this DIY.


What you need to get started:

A few tips:

  • Do some shopping for inexpensive basics. If you are going to be cutting into your shirts, I say the cheaper the better. Or if you have old basics lying around you can certainly use those! I went to the Dollar Tree, and surprisingly they had basic shirts for you guessed it, a dollar! Some were fitted women’s tees, and others were very large youth tees that I managed to fit into. I made those into the muscle tanks. I also went to Walmart where they were having a sale on basic shirts for .75 cents and also had basic crew neck sweatshirts on sale for $1. The most I paid for a shirt was under $3 (the one in the photo of this post) and that’s because it was a looser fitting shirt that I planned on making into a more casual shirt to wear with jeans.
  • Do some research and think about what sayings you want to put on your shirt. I found my letters at Hobby Lobby for $3.99/pack. They were super simple to iron in. There are only two letters per pack, so you have to be strategic on what phrases you want to do. I would also plan it out by pulling your letters out for each shirt, that way you will know if you have more than enough letters.
  • Set up your ironing space and pay attention to where on the shirt you are putting your letters. I would recommend marking where you would like the letters to sit while you have the shirt on. I had made a sweatshirt that said “Dog Mom” on it but the letters sat too low on my chest. I ended up adding the word “Crazy” at the top which luckily saved the sweatshirt.
  • Check Michael’s and Hobby Lobby for clearance fabric supplies. I wasn’t sure when I was going to ever use these supplies again, so I went as cheap as possible. I managed to find clearance fabric paint for $1 so I bought those just in case I wanted to do something beyond the letters. I’m glad I did! I ended up using masking tape and painting graphic mountains in the photo above!
  • Have fun and remember, if something doesn’t turn out quite like you’d expect, it’s okay. Between cutting shirts, and ironing on letters straight, something is bound to not go as expected. Like I mentioned earlier, I had only paid $8 for seven shirts so I wasn’t at a complete loss if something didn’t work out. If you really feel terrible about just throwing something away or not being able to wear it, make it a shirt to sleep in or a shirt to do another DIY project in. I have messed up so many clothes from painting, etc that when it comes time to it, I throw on the same messy shirt and pants.

Have you done any fun DIY projects lately? I am hoping to add some more to my list for this summer.