God’s Love: A Devotional for February

Happy Wednesday everyone!

Since it is the first day of February, and most of us associate February with love and Valentine’s Day, I wanted to create a simple devotional on God’s love. Sometimes when we think of Valentine’s Day we focus on ways to show our love to just our spouses, family members, and friends. There is certainly nothing wrong with that, but we often overlook God’s love for us and ways to show God that we love him.

This month, I wanted to focus and meditate on God’s love for us. I feel as though sometimes as Christians we hear about God’s love for us, and it can go in one ear and out the other. Sometimes it’s even easy to take His love for granted.

This is not the most elaborate devotional you’ll find on God’ love, but it is a stepping stone to start your day with as well as a starting point to read and explore more scripture.

You can find the devotional below:

Join me this month in re-discovering God’s love for us!