Tips for Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party

I cannot believe that Christmas is already less than a week away! And it’s even crazier to think that we were at Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party about a month ago!

I thought I would share our experience at the party before Christmas gets here, hoping that this will still help someone who may be going to the party this year.

Arrive earlier than 7pm.
The party doesn’t actually start until 7pm however, guests who have purchased tickets for the event can get into the park starting at 4pm. We were able to make a couple of fast passes before the party started and walk around a bit. If you haven’t been to Magic Kingdom recently, and this is your first visit to the park the week of your vacation, go early! We weren’t planning on spending a full day at Magic Kingdom until later in our vacation, so we didn’t really know our way around. Because we arrived early, we were able to scope out where things were before it got dark. I love Disney and the ambiance at night, but it was so hard to see where things were or what direction we were going in the dark. hahaha, maybe it’s just me but I am so thankful we got there early! If you go to Magic Kingdom a lot, or have gone in the past year or so then this might not apply to you!

Be prepared for the crowds.

We went to Disney the week before Thanksgiving, which was supposed to be a “low-crowd” week. I thought that the Christmas party was still pretty packed for it being one of the earlier parties. I will say that everyone is pretty spread out throughout the park. Ride times are little to none and I feel like most people are on Main Street or waiting in line for characters. Either way, be prepared for Main Street traffic, especially around the times of the parades and fireworks.


If you want a photo with a specific character, plan ahead.
Do your research, and see if you can find what characters are going to be at the party and where. I made the mistake of not getting in line for the seven dwarves right away, and by the time the party started and we got to the line, it was already an hour and forty-five minutes long, so we decided to skip it so we could enjoy other parts of the party.

Make an itinerary.
It is impossible to do everything at the party, especially if this is your first time attending. Between meeting the characters, and seeing all of the shows, it’s a busy night.
We decided to see the first showing of Mickey’s Most Merriest Celebration at 7:40pm, which takes place right in front of the castle. Then we stayed put until 8:15pm to watch a Frozen Holiday Wish which also takes place in front of the castle. If you plan to follow our itinerary, make sure you try to book it out of the Main Street/Castle area right after the Frozen Holiday Wish. The first parade starts at 8:30pm and there are a ton of people who have camped out or are trying to find last-minute spots for viewing around that area. We went to the right of the castle and went over to Tomorrowland to see the Totally Tomorrowland Christmas that started at 8:35pm. After that, we decided to take it easy and enjoy the free snacks and short wait times for rides until the fireworks and second parade.

Stay for the second parade.
I had heard before going to the party that the second parade is always less crowded and I have to say I agree! I think most folks who have kids decide to go to the first parade before the fireworks, and then usually leave after the fireworks which begin at 10pm. We were pretty spent by the time the fireworks were over and the only thing left on our list was the parade. After the fireworks were over we headed over to Main Street to claim a seat on the curb and waited until the parade started. While we were sitting and waiting, we saw stroller after stroller leaving with sleeping kids in them. If you do plan on going to the second parade, I would suggest keeping an eye out for the forecast before the first parade starts. The last thing you want is to miss a parade due to weather. It would be better to see the first parade even though it may be more crowded than for no parade at all! I would also suggest getting a spot for one of the parades about an hour early, especially if you want a view of the castle in the background.

Ride times overall are super short, so if you can, take advantage of them!
I understand that there is a lot to do during the party, so the actual rides might become an afterthought. If you are going to the party during your Disney vacation, I would pick rides you have fast passes for later in the week, so you could potentially free those up and ride something else later. We rode Space Mountain the night of the party and only had to wait 5-10 minutes so we freed up a fast pass later that week since we already rode it. (We were trying to ride everything we could that week.) It’s also a fun time to ride things you normally wouldn’t ride over and over again.

Purchase party merchandise early on in the night.

When you see it, buy it. I made the mistake of thinking the Ugly Christmas Sweater spirit jerseys were going to be available at the end of the party but I was wrong. I also couldn’t find them the rest of my trip. Also, it’s not a bad idea to get into stores like the Emporium early on, since those tend to fill up later in the party. Fill up as in you have to waddle your way around the store! haha. I also tried to find party pins in the Emporium at the end of the party and there weren’t any left other than the annual pass holder pins. I ordered a pin off of eBay this week, but it still would have been nice to get one at the party. 🙂

That about sums up my tips for the party! Have you ever been before? I would love to hear your tips for the party since this was my first year attending! 🙂

Gift Guide for the #CrazyDogLady in Your Family

This post contains affiliate links. For more information, visit my disclosures and policies page. 100% of this post is my honest opinion.


I can’t believe next weekend is Christmas! I still have a few more gifts to purchase, which is surprising because I started shopping in mid-November this year. If you’re anything like me and have a crazy dog lover in your family, this list may be helpful!
I’ve compiled a list of the best items to get the #crazydoglady in your family. (Since I am that person in my family)

1. Who doesn’t love weekends, coffee and dogs? This shirt is perfect for the person who can’t get enough of all three!
Short Sleeve Weekends Coffee & Dogs Tee • Nordstrom Rack • $29.97

2. Another shirt for the dog lover in your family. Someone who points out every time they see a dog while you’re out:
All the Dogs Tee • Treat Dreams • $30

3. These cute magnets are the perfect stocking stuffer.
Dog Butt Magnets • World Market • $12.99

4. This cute little ring dish says it all. If you are a true dog lover you’d wish the over population in shelters would end, thus wishing that every dog had a home, as well as wishing that every home had a dog. (Because us fellow dog lovers all know how great it is to have a dog in your life.)
In a Perfect World Dog Plate • Francesca’s • $8

5. This cute mini-emergency kit is an essential that every dog owner needs to throw in their bag. It has items such as ear and eye wipes, waste bags, dental wipes, cleaning towelettes and a collapsible water bowl. Not to mention it comes in a cute spotted bag. I love this!
Mini-Emergency Kit For Dogs • Francesca’s • $16

6. No matter who you voted for this election, everyone could agree that if their dog was on the ballot, they would have voted for him/her. With no hesitation.
My Dog For President Box Sign • Francesca’s • $12

7. Does your recipient love to draw and doodle? This coloring book features a ton of different dogs that they can color in while they plot their next effort to #saveallthedogs.
A Million Dogs Coloring Book • Urban Outfitters • $9.95

8. Pins and patches are a trending item, so what type of pin do you buy for your family/friend? A pin that screams what they really are…”A Dog Petter”. They can wear pins proudly on their jacket or attach it to a makeup bag or their canvas/fabric purse.
Dog Petter Pin • Urban Outfitters • $10

9. As you all may know I love the store Basin. I recently discovered it this past summer in Orlando and have been hooked ever since. (You can read more about them here) One of my favorite things about Basin is that they are cruelty-free. This paw prints soap is such a cute gift idea! You can purchase it alone or put it in a gift set as well. I have purchased their soaps before, and I love them!
Paw Prints Soap • Basin • $5.99

10. All of us girls have given or received a best friends heart in elementary school and your best friend then wore the other half. Who says you can’t be BFFs with your dog? This set is a charm necklace you get to wear and your dog gets to wear his little charm on his collar! Instead of a heart, it’s a bone broken in half. You’re welcome.
Dog Bone “Best Friends” Charm Necklace and Collar • Local Fixture • $30


That about wraps up my list! I could continue, but these were my favorites across all different types of items. Let me know your favorites in the comment section below! 🙂