Influenster + Lancôme Collab

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Hi there everyone! I hope you all had a great weekend!

I’m here today with an exciting product review! I received my first VoxBox from Influenster last week and I was so excited my jaw literally dropped when I opened it. They have recently done a collaboration with Lancôme.

I have been pretty familiar with Lancôme products since both my sister and my mom used to work in the makeup industry when I was younger. Since being an adult, I haven’t purchased a whole lot of Lancôme products so I was super excited to try these products out.

Influenster & Lancome VoxBox

The following items were in my VoxBox:

  1. Lancôme Visionnaire Yeux – Eye On Correction™
  2. Lancôme Définicils Mascara
  3. Lancôme Drama Liqui-Pencil™ (I received two colors: Noir which is black and Ampoulé, which is a pretty purple )
  4. Lancôme Bi-Facil Double-Action Eye Makeup Remover
  5. Lancôme Le Sharpener

The amazing thing about Influenster, is that the eyeliners and mascara were full size products, which is a great value to receive for free!

Lancome & Influenster

I have tried the Bi-Facial Makeup Remover before, and it is one of the best formulas out there. It gets rid of layers of mascara, eyeliner and high pigmented eye shadows with no problems. I also feel like it nourishes your eyelashes as well instead of stripping them dry.

As you can tell from the photo, I had already used up the New Visionnaire Eye Cream by the time I snapped this photo. It helps with dark under eye circles (which I have) and also dries to a powder like consistency which is great because it also acts as a makeup primer. It leaves your skin feeling smooth and also absorbs relatively fast.

The two eyeliners are amazing! Although I would not wear the purple everyday, it is a great color for fall to smudge under the eye. I have worn the black one a few times already this past week and it goes on like butter. It melts into your skin which is great since it does not tug on your eye area. Once it dries, it stays on all day and is smudge proof. I also love the fact that they gave me a new pencil sharpener. I have some already, but I think it was definitely time to refresh and get a new one!

The Definicils mascara is also an amazing product. It does not clump up, even after a couple of coats (because who can apply just one layer of mascara?). It also feels like you have nothing on your eyes. Sometimes when I apply more than one coat of a mascara my lashes feel hard and dry. This mascara formulation lengthens and volumes which is what every girl needs in a mascara!

Are you a part of Influenster? What has been your favorite box that you have received so far? Have you also tried these Lancôme products? If so, what did you like or dislike about them? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Never heard of Influenster and would like more info or would like to sign up? You can do all of that by clicking on my link here.

New Favorite: Basin

I’m back today to tell you about one of my favorite new discoveries in beauty and personal care; the company Basin.
I discovered Basin when I went to Disney Springs on our vacation to Orlando in July. If you haven’t read about our vacation to Orlando, you can read about it here.

Basin sells luxury bath and beauty products such as bath bombs, handmade soaps, bath salts, body scrubs, among other products. Their products are paraben-free, alcohol-free, mineral oil free, and they are also a cruelty-free company.

Bath bombs are not a new concept to me, as I have previously been a frequent shopper at stores like Lush. What drew me to Basin was their beautiful displays of bath bombs and also their spa-like aesthetic in their store.

Disney Springs Basin

Basin Store at Disney Springs

I’m not here to bash Lush in any way, as they are a great company who stands for a lot of great things such as being a big part of the cruelty-free movement. I love love love their bath bombs and soaps, but as with most things, there are always cons.
I’ve been to many Lush stores in the past, and no matter where I am at the atmosphere is very cramped and overwhelming. Now I get it, everyone loves Lush so, of course, it is going to be extra crowded at all times. But when I’m standing behind a group of teenagers who are crowding around the bath bombs and I’m obviously trying to reach for something I know I want and can’t get to it and all I hear from an associate is “Do you want to see a bath bomb demo?” it can be frustrating. What I love about Basin is when I walked into their store it felt like I was walking into a spa. Everyone had their own shopping space (and personal space) and you were free to test things yourself, and there were plenty of associates around to help. The only con about Basin though is they only have two locations: Disney Springs in Orlando and Las Vegas, so you more than likely have to shop online.

Another ‘con’ about Lush is although I love their bath bombs and soaps, in my opinion, they can get pricey. Some bath bombs can run you upwards of almost $9. However, their bath bombs can be pretty massive for that price and I sometimes split them in half. Basin bath bombs can run you almost $5 for the largest size and my wallet loves that!

Also, another difference with Lush and Basin bath bombs is that Basin’s scents seem fresher but at the same time they have less fragrance if that makes sense at all. Whenever I have used a Lush bath bomb I have had the scent of the fragrance burned in my nose for the rest of the night. That is a personal preference of mine, and I do realize that some people love the super potent fragrance. Basin is just slightly less fragrant.

One of my favorite discoveries at Basin was their bath salts. I usually am not a huge bath salt person since I either opt for bath bombs or bubble baths, but it seemed like a no-brainer to try the salts at Basin. They have a station in the store where you can fill containers of clear tubes up with any scent bath salt you would like. If you wanted to even mix and match salts in your tube you can totally go for it. The best part: when I was in the store the girl who checked me out at the register knocked my container against the counter to pack down my salts more and told me I could go fill it up more. Um, yes, please!

Please don’t judge my sand-art looking bath salts. I wanted to try everything and it was our last day in Orlando. 🙂
Another thing that I loved about Basin are the bath bomb tubes you can buy. You can customize a tube of bath bombs with whatever fragrances you would like, you just need to pick a size of small, medium or large. They are $19.99 for a tube. One tube fits either seven smalls, five mediums, or four larges. If you aren’t sure what fragrances to choose, you can pick fan favorites online to test out the most popular. My favorite scent is called “lovely”.

If you are going to the Disney Springs store, you can pick out fun Mickey themed bath bombs that have Mickey-eared confetti that fly out and dissolve in your bath. They also have handmade Mickey themed soaps. These are great gifts to bring home to someone or to bring home with you while you are on vacation to make your vacation last another week or two. 🙂 The Mickey Mouse themed products are not for sale on the website, but I heard that you could call the store directly and they can ship directly to your house. Definitely worth calling and giving it a try if you can’t get to Orlando anytime soon!

These are two soaps that we purchased. The Mickey Mouse soap smelled like watermelon.

Last but certainly not least is that when you shop at Basin you can enroll in a rewards program for free. You have to download an app and then link a credit/debit card so it can automatically know when you purchase something. If you sign up now for their rewards program you get $5 just for signing up, which means you could practically get a bath bomb fo’ free! Do I really need to give you any other reasons to sign up? Once you are signed up you can get more offers sent to you, which is why we went back to Disney Springs after our first trip to stock up before we came home! Ryan did not care either. Usually, when we go into Lush or other beauty stores he is ready to leave as soon as possible mainly because the environment is uncomfortable. When we were in Basin he was over by the sink the entire time trying out their body scrubs on his hands. Their body scrubs are something I have been dying to try but haven’t yet. Everyone who uses them though swears by them so I am definitely eager to try.

Have you tried Lush or Basin before? What are some of your favorite products?



I did not receive any compensation for this post. I purchased these products and 100% of this post is my honest opinion.