About Me

Welcome to The Faith to Follow!

My name is Kori and my dog’s name is Maximus.  The Faith to Follow is a lifestyle blog I created to share my experiences. Here I talk about every day life which includes being a follower of Christ, wife and pet parent.

I hope to bring you a ton of fun DIY’s, silly stories, inspirational posts, and of course, plenty of photos of Max.

If you wish to read more about why my blog is called The Faith to Follow you can read that here.


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About Kori

I’m a 29-year-old creative who loves to stay busy. I graduated from a Christian, liberal arts university in 2010 with a Bachelors of Science in Art/Graphics. I am a full-time designer who also loves to take photos wherever I go. I’m not afraid of tackling a DIY project and love trying new things.



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About Maximus

Maximus was a shelter dog from Harlan County, Kentucky who was then transferred to a shelter in Illinois. We adopted him the week of Christmas, making him the best Christmas present I have ever received. We are not 100% sure what breed he is. We were told border collie or cattle dog mix.

A few more fun facts about Maximus:

  • His middle name is Eugene.
  • His favorite toys are Hippo and Hedgehog. They have their own theme song.
  • He has a girlfriend named Brix; aka the neighbor’s miniature schnauzer.
  • He hates going to the vet more than anything.