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Hey there everyone!

If you follow me on Instagram you may know that I opened up one of my posts for you guys to ask me any questions that you may have. I did get a few, so I wanted to post them here rather than doing a story.

Here we go!

When did you start loving Disney so much?
I grew up as your typical 90’s Disney kid. I loved watching all of the movies growing up and every year I had a different themed Disney birthday party. I grew up going to the parks in Orlando, (Disney, Sea World and Universal) since I have family in Florida. We usually only went to Magic Kingdom and I was too young to remember going. I went to the parks in high school for a band trip and was able to park hop all four parks in one week. Fast forward to ‘growing up’ and my husband and I went to Animal Kingdom last year for one day, and upon returning home I realized there was a community for people like myself on Instagram, who are obsessed with Disney. So, I have always been a Disney fan, but since becoming an adult, it has only been the past year or two that I have embraced my love for the movies and parks again! 🙂


How do you keep your marriage fun (while life can be so busy and comfort sets in) and how would you coordinate your faith in it, if your husband doesn’t necessarily believe in anything?
I have to admit that this is tough question since I don’t claim to have the perfect life. I think one way to keep marriage fun is to revisit some of the things that you used to do together when you were dating or first married. Favorite dinner spot? First date? Movie spot? Go visit! I also think that continuing to do nice things for the other person is also key to keeping things fun. For example, there’s something super sweet about my husband bringing me a cup of coffee every morning that we have off together (aka weekends). He doesn’t have to do that small gesture, but it sure is sweet!
I also think going out of your comfort zone a bit and doing new activities together or even traveling to new places is a great way to keep your marriage fun. I would suggest going on ‘date nights’, but when you are married and don’t have kids, every night is practically a date night, if you have that mentality. I think making sure you go out and do something (whether it’s a movie, dinner or other activity) is one way to keep things fun as well. Sometime I love movie nights at home, and after a long week of working and volunteering that’s all we feel like doing, but going out every once in a while is fun!

If your husband isn’t a believer, I would pray for him. I know it sounds like such a typical answer, but I think it’s the right one. Maybe don’t even let him know you’re praying for him at first. Not only pray for his salvation, but pray for his day at work, his thoughts, etc. I think that could be more beneficial than pressuring him to become a believer and go to church (if he’s not). I actually just picked up a book while browsing the sale section at Hobby Lobby the other day. It’s called The Power of a Praying Wife by Stormie Omartian. I have not cracked it open yet, but it seems like a great resource for anyone who wants to pray for their husband, which should be all of us who are wives! 🙂 There’s even a section on praying for his faith!
Also, while you are praying for him and you start to see fruit in his life, you may be able to gauge when would be a good time to suggest going to church for a holiday or for an event. But don’t forget about yourself! Make sure you are doing your part to stay close to God and making sure your life is fruitful. After all, you may be the only Christian your husband may come in contact with, so you are a walking billboard in a sense.


Have you guys ever thought about adopting a child?
Yes, we actually have! We are still sort of in the wait with our current situation, but we have talked briefly about adopting. I’m not sure if we would consider that more before or after we potentially pursue help from a fertility specialist, but we are definitely open to it and have talked about it. 🙂 We are continually evaluating our lives and making sure we are being obedient to the Lord and praying that He shows us His will through this experience.


How long have you been a fur mama?
I grew up with two Chihuahuas, but I officially became a fur mama 3 years ago. We adopted Max the week of Christmas in 2014 and he has been the best Christmas gift EVER! 🙂 As a couple who is struggling to have human children, having our sweet pup changed a lot for us. We rescued him only a year into our wait, but we know our home wouldn’t feel the same without having our little guy. 🙂


Thanks for stopping by and thanks to everyone who asked a question! If you have any other questions be sure to comment below and I will do my best to get back to you! 🙂
Hope you all have a great day! 🙂

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