Raw Paws Pet Food Review

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Hey there everyone!

June has been such a busy month for us. My husband and I were both in a wedding at the beginning of this month and have also been busy volunteering our time for vacation bible school this week. We helped with stage set up and design again this year which took weeks to prepare for, and we also help with games and photography during VBS. So I apologize for the lack of posts lately, but now our summer should be freed up. 🙂

I am back with another review today on two products from Raw Paws Pet Food.

I am new to raw feeding for pets, so this review is not coming from an expert by any means. Even though I am new to the raw feeding concept, with just a little bit of research it isn’t hard to see that dogs can benefit from being fed raw food. There is much debate over this topic, but I would like this review to be as un-biased as much as it possibly can since Max has only been fed raw a few times prior to this review.

The first product we tried out was the Lamb Meaty Bones, a best seller on their website. As you can see on the package it arrives frozen, is 100% all-natural, never cooked, USDA inspected, contains no preservatives, no filler or additives, gluten free, grain free, and also corn and soy free. Just reading the packaging was pretty impressive to me!

Max was head over heels in love with these bones. I had given him what looked to be part of a rib and almost had a freak out moment when I heard him crunch on a piece of bone and swallow it. He didn’t seem bothered by it at all. Now I know there are some dog owners who don’t freak out over their dog eating parts of a bone, and some that freak out and take their dog straight to the vet. I’m not saying either option is right or wrong, but I do believe that you need to supervise your pet while eating some of these bones. Max was fine and was not bothered by consuming part of the bone. On a later date I gave Max what looked to be a “joint’ piece of bone and didn’t worry too much about him tearing that bone to pieces since it was a big and bulky bone that he wouldn’t have been able to tear apart.

I think these bones are a great treat for your dog, and could even be a great introductory piece of raw food to give them before they go full out raw. Max still is on kibble (I haven’t ventured to full on raw just yet) and he didn’t get an upset stomach from eating these bones at all. We will definitely be purchasing these in the future!


If you’d love just a simple bone for your dog to chew on, we would recommend the bully sticks in a heart beat! Max loved the bully sticks. Even though he is a small dog he is a big chewer, and I feel pretty good about what these bones are made of. Max and I are new to bully sticks, so these did have a slight odor to them, but only because I had never opened up a package before, so I didn’t know what to expect. They are made from free range, grass fed, antibiotic free, 100% all natural, no preservatives, no additives and no added hormones. These bully sticks last a decent time for an extreme chewer, and we will also be purchasing these again in the future!


Raw Paws has a big variety of raw and freeze dried food and treats for your dog. We will definitely be purchasing from them in the future for Maximus. 🙂 Finally we have found treats that are safe and healthy for him to chew on!


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