Bachelorette Party- DIY Lipstick Piñata 

A few weeks ago one of my girlfriends had two bachelorette parties over the course of one weekend. We decided to spend one night “in” to play games, eat a ton of good food and of course have some girl talk. We ended up having that party at my place since it was easier to just get rid of Ryan for the evening. 

One of the fun things I came across on Pinterest for a bachelorette party was a lipstick piñata tutorial from Studio DIY! You should seriously go and check her out! She has a ton of amazing ideas and DIY projects. 

I pretty much followed her tutorial step by step and was overall pretty happy with the results!

I had thicker cardboard on hand so I wasn’t able to make as perfect as a circle. I also made my flat connecting pieces a little bit wider than my tubes since I wanted to make sure that I was able to hot glue them securely together. I was afraid that the pieces would be too small and would fall through. After I was finished hot gluing I trimmed around the pieces so they were almost flush with the tubes.

The most time consuming part was cutting the tissue and taping it to the cardboard. This definitely tested my patience but this is what makes the piñata beautiful so take your time! 

Here is the finished product! Not too bad for a first time piñata maker! Haha

I had to pose with the piñata afterward because overall I was pretty happy with it and wanted to take in it’s beauty before it got destroyed. Hahaha Ryan hung it up in the garage since he didn’t trust us swinging at things blindly in the house. I filled the piñata with candy, confetti, lipsticks, “bride tribe” hair ties from Etsy, as well as hair ties I made from elastic I bought from Hobby Lobby. I also filled it with some miscellaneous bachelorette items-we’ll leave it at that. Haha 🙂

Here are more of the decorations I put up in our main living area of our house.

I also made a super easy DIY banner of the groom. I photoshopped his face onto a model I found in a magazine and then hot glued it onto cardstock and then twine. 

My piñata only lasted about two swings but it was cute and we had fun with it! I didn’t realize how easy it was to make a piñata! 

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