Staying Transparent During Life’s Trials

When going through a test or a trial, sometimes it’s hard to be transparent.

In a world with social media, it’s hard to share what may be going on in your life when you constantly are seeing how perfect everyone else’s lives seem to be. We want our lives to seem normal too, and that we have it all together like everyone claims they do. This could mean that we don’t post on social media or we don’t tell or talk to anyone about what we continue to go through. Sometimes it’s a shameful feeling that we may experience, like something we have done has directly caused a trial in our lives. Sometimes it’s embarrassing and most of the time, it’s confusing. If we can’t understand it for ourselves, then we don’t really want to talk about it with anyone else. Maybe we have told someone or the topic has been brought up by someone else and their response has been far from perfect, resulting in us never telling another soul about it again.

This is currently where I have been personally the past two years, but I have found that there is strength in admitting we need a Savior and that without God, we would be worse off. There is no strength in living in denial and pretending that everything is okay. Staying quiet in our moments of need may seem beneficial to us but it can cause more harm than good.

I have always thought that transparent means see through, nothing hidden. The actual meaning in the dictionary is allowing light to pass through so that objects behind can be directly seen. Maybe part of being truly transparent is allowing others to see how Jesus (the light) is in our lives and our situations. Even in terrible situations, He can be there with us.

We should try to be transparent with other people so we can strengthen our testimony. Instead of pretending that life is all great, how will we reach someone who is going through the same thing? Isn’t that the point after all of witnessing and telling our testimony to others? For God to receive the glory? That we aren’t seen, but that everything can point back to God and his goodness? How will anyone give God the glory in the end when no one knows there is even a miracle that needs to take place? How much greater will our testimony be?

The opposite of being transparent is being opaque. The meaning: not able to see through, not transparent. This can happen when we focus too much on the problem and things are cloudy and hazy. When we face our problems as being too significant, it’s hard to see the light and instead all we see is the thing blocking our vision. It is important to keep our spirit from becoming opaque because of our flesh. Everything must point back to God & his promises, not us & our problems and unanswered prayers.

For me personally, I have been struggling with us not being able to conceive. I wouldn’t necessarily deem it being infertile, even though medically it is technically just that. The first year of not being able to conceive was the hardest for me because every month that goes by you wonder if you are really one of ‘those’ couples. Now that it has been two and a half years, I have gotten to the point where I am truly content with whatever God has in store for us. Some may think that just saying that statement right there would make me a candidate for living in denial but I mean it. I have learned to be content with allowing God’s will to be done. BUT, I will admit that this journey has caused me to not be transparent and for my prayers to have a child to cease, and that’s what the devil wants.

I’m not 100% sure if this is an attack of the enemy, or simply God’s timing, or both, but I’m positive that God wants me to take it to Him and to share my testimony with others instead of closing up shop and going on my merry or un-merry way. As hard as it may be, I pray that you stay transparent no matter what you may be going through.

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