Dog-Friendly St. Augustine

As promised, I am back today to tell you about our day in St. Augustine. It is a super dog-friendly town, and if you are ever in Florida you should definitely make a stop.

We stayed in Orlando for a week with Max and decided to take a trip to St. Augustine for a day. You can read more about our stay in Orlando here.

Our first stop was going to the lighthouse. The actual lighthouse isn’t pet-friendly but the grounds and gift shop I believe are. There is a little walking path with shade and benches where your dog can hang out while people in your party can go up to the lighthouse if they’d like. We went on vacation with Ryan’s parents, so while we went up they watched Max and vice versa.
Inside lighthouse

So many stairs!

St. Augustine Lighthouse

View at the top of lighthouse

Such a pretty view at the top of the lighthouse! My hubby is holding my clutch while I take this photo 🙂

After we spent some time at the lighthouse we went to the St. Augustine Beach by the St. Johns County Ocean Pier. All of the beaches in St. Augustine are dog-friendly except for the Anastasia State Park I believe. We enjoyed our time at the beach, but I can’t say that Max necessarily did. It was his first time at the beach so it was a bit for him to take in. He was afraid of the waves rolling in, so he decided to hang out in the shade under an umbrella on his beach towel. I had known that he would need something to keep him occupied in case this happened, so I brought a toy for him to play with.

Max at beach with hippo His face says it all haha 🙂

Max at Beach

Me trying to lure Max into the water

After we spent some time in the sun, we decided to walk around the older downtown area and take a look around. We made a pit stop at a shop called Faux Paws where they sell gourmet treats and other items for pets. We bought a bag of apple pie treats and a container of ice cream for Max. I assume it was the owner who was working at the time we decided to stop in, and he offered a baked treat in every available flavor for Max to try. I guess that makes up for him not liking the beach so much.


Such a cute and unique town. I loved the different colored buildings.Downtown St. Augustind

I wish we would have stopped at this cute little popsicle shop. Next time for sure.

After we walked around for a bit we stopped at O.C. White’s Seafood & Spirits and sat on the patio since it was dog-friendly. It was great to sit on the patio since the restaurant sort of has a road on each side and you can even see the ocean from your seat. Our food was good, but I was a little bummed that our waitress didn’t offer Max any water. I don’t necessarily except every dog-friendly patio to offer a dog menu, but we were in Florida, it was summer and boy was it hot. And it was just water. We used an extra bowl that you usually get with your appetizer or meal and put some of our bottled water we already had into a bowl for him to cool down.

O.C. White's O.C. White's

I ordered yummy coconut shrimp and sweet potato fries.

After our late lunch, we walked around some more and ended up walking around Castillo de San Marcos which is the oldest masonry fort in the continental United States. By the time we were done eating and walking around the fort was closed but we could still walk the perimeter. This is also a dog-friendly attraction in St. Augustine.

We saw so many turtles by the docks.

Castillo de San Marcos

Castillo de San Marcos

Our day soon came to an end when we tried to go to the Ponce de Leon’s Fountain of Youth but realized that we had an hour until they closed. Luckily the tickets that we bought were good for any time so we decided to make a trip back to St. Augustine on our way back home since it was in that general direction.

We stopped for ice cream on our way back to Orlando at a shop called Cone Heads and then noticed there was a beach access not too far from the shop so we went and had one last look at the beach as the evening rolled in. It was calm and quiet and we were so glad that we stopped.

St. Augustine2016-07-11_234020337_7C039_iOS

At the end of our stay that week we set out to make one last stop in Florida at the Fountain of Youth. Right outside of Ponce de Leon’s Fountain of Youth is a street called Magnolia Ave. It was one of the prettiest things I have ever seen. My iPhone photo does not do it justice by any means.

Magnolia Ave

The Fountain of Youth is also another dog-friendly attraction in St. Augustine. Dogs are allowed pretty much everywhere on the grounds. If your dogs are likely to chase or bark at peacocks maybe think twice about it. There are a few dozen peacocks roaming the grounds. They were even up in the trees which I have never seen before. Another thing to note, like most dogs, Max got a little startled when they shot off cannons (they have specific times when they do this) but we tried to make sure that we were far enough away from where they were. Just a little FYI before you plan your visit here with your dog.

Right at the beginning of our stay. We bought water and brought in one for Max. Definitely a necessity.

One of the many beautiful peacocks on the grounds.

There is an actual spring you can drink from inside.

Hanging out with Ponce de Leon himself.

I thought this Fountain of Pooch was a super cute touch, however, there was no flowing water when we arrived and yes, whatever was in there was brown. Good thing we bought waters while we were there, and I brought Max’s collapsible water bottle with us.

I am not sure how true this story is, but it touched my little dog-loving heart. Please excuse the chipped nail polish. It was at the end of our vacation 🙂

That’s a wrap! I would definitely recommend going to St. Augustine if you are ever in the area. Especially if you have a dog. As I mentioned earlier, everything that we did for the most part was dog-friendly with the assumption that you clean up after your dog and they are leashed. I would suggest that you always carry around water for you and your pooch, although most shops and restaurants have water bowls outside if it’s an emergency.

As I mentioned before, I would also suggest that if you do go to Ponce de Leon’s Fountain of Youth that you are aware of the peacocks there and that they shoot off cannons frequently.

Have you been to St. Augustine with your dog before? Did you do anything that you would recommend to other dog owners? I am very curious because I would love to go back!

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